Executioner Command Line

Excute Me, Please!

  • Global hot keys
  • Programmable command-line
  • Speech recognion
  • Extendable with plugins and scripts
  • No installation required
  • Auto-complete
  • Command history


To use plugins, simply place the plguin's .dll file and any folder that may come with it into the plugins directory. This directory should reside in the same directory as executioner.exe. If it does not exist, just create it. Executioner will need to be restarted before any new plugins can be used.

Lua Plugin

Download v1.2 (111 KB)

The following string commands are available:

  • lua* Executes clipboard text data as a Lua script. If the clipboard contains copied files, then it will read and execute those files as Lua scripts.
  • lua $0 If $0 is a file, then it will read and execute it as a Lua script, otherwise it will execute $0 directly.
  • <cmd> $0+ Execute the Lua script associated with the created <cmd>. If the associated script is a file path, the parameters, $0+, will not be passed to it.

The lua execute command supports the following flags:

  • lua -c $0 Copy any returned result to the clipboard.
  • lua -d $0 or lua -d[t] $0 or lua -d[t, d] $0 Display any returned result for t milliseconds using the display plugin d. If t is not specified, then the default display time will be used. If d is not specified, then the default display plugin will be used.
  • lua -cd[t, d] $0 or lua -d[t, d]c $0 Using both flags at the same time.

* lua is the default lua execute call string and can be changed in the configuration.

Configuration Screenshots