Executioner Command Line

Excute Me, Please!

  • Global hot keys
  • Programmable command-line
  • Speech recognion
  • Extendable with plugins and scripts
  • No installation required
  • Auto-complete
  • Command history


To use plugins, simply place the plguin's .dll file and any folder that may come with it into the plugins directory. This directory should reside in the same directory as executioner.exe. If it does not exist, just create it. Executioner will need to be restarted before any new plugins can be used.

General Plugins

  • Command Box

    Adds a command box window to Executioner to easily execute commands without the need of the command line.
  • Imgur

    Enables you to upload image data from your clipboard or file to the Imgur.com website.
  • MD5

    Gets an MD5 hash of a given parameter.
  • Notes

    iDisplay Post notes to your desktop with optional hide timer.
  • Notification Icon

    micro API Adds an icon to the notification area with configurable context menu and click actions.

Command Plugins

  • FTP

    Allows you to upload files or clipboard data to your FTP.
  • Lua

    Allows you to execute Lua scripts and code snippets from executioner's command box.

Trigger Plugins

  • Clipboard

    Triggers a command when copied text matches a regular expression.
  • Date Time

    Triggers a command on a certain date and time.
  • Hot Key

    Triggers a command when a specified global hot key combination is pressed.
  • Speech

    Triggers a command when specified speech phrase is spoken into a microphone.