Executioner Command Line

Excute Me, Please!

  • Global hot keys
  • Programmable command-line
  • Speech recognion
  • Extendable with plugins and scripts
  • No installation required
  • Auto-complete
  • Command history


Executioner Commands

All Executioner commands start with a dash "-", nothing stops you from doing the same thing with your own commands, but should the same command be added at a later date, yours will stop working.

The following string commands are built into executioner:

  • -clear $0 Clears the command history. If $0 is set, only commands that start with that value will be cleared. Any plugin that implements the Clearable interface will also be cleared based on whatever criteria it follows.
  • -cmds Opens the commands.xml file if your prefer to manually edit it's values.
  • -config Opens the configuration window.
  • -display -t[time]p[d1, d2, ...] $0 $1 $2 Display $0 for time milliseconds using the first installed display plugin in p. If time is not specified, then time will be $1 if specified; otherwise no time out will occur. If p is not specified, then $2 will be used as the display plugin if specified; otherwise false. If both t and p flags are set with at least one parameter, $0 will be treated like a raw parameter meaning no surrounding quotes are neccessary when including spaces.
  • -exec Opens the directory in which executioner.exe resides in.
  • -exit Exits executioner.
  • -reload Reloads executioners commands and configuration. Use if you manually edit those files.
  • -scripts Opens the scripts directory in windows explorer.
  • -website Opens Executioner's website in your default browser.