Executioner Command Line

Excute Me, Please!

  • Global hot keys
  • Programmable command-line
  • Speech recognion
  • Extendable with plugins and scripts
  • No installation required
  • Auto-complete
  • Command history

Latest Updates

Executioner v2.0.1 is now available! (change log)

About Executioner

Executioner is an extensible command-line tool for windows. You can configure it do specific tasks when your defined commands are sent to it. These tasks can be anything from launching an application, opening a website in your browser, executing a script, uploading files to your FTP, or even executing other Executioner commands.

Command Box Plugin Window


Executioner includes a plugin API that enables developers to extend executioner to do whatever they like. Some plugins that already exist include a command box window to more easily execute commands (shown above), one that calculates an MD5 hash of a string, and one that enables you to execute Lua scripts with optional default parameters.

Configuration Screenshots